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soccer stats

Last update: 10.09.2023

soccer corner statistics
  • Nearly 30.000 soccer teams soccer stats
  • More than 500.000 soccer matches soccer corner statistics
  • Head to Head Matches soccer stats
  • Half time results / Full time results soccer corner statistics
  • Half time corners (Home & Away) soccer stats
  • Full time corners (Home & Away) soccer corner statistics
  • Last ten minutes corners (Home & Away) soccer stats
  • Race to 3, 5, 7, 9 corners soccer corner statistics
  • Average corners scored/conceded per game soccer stats
Result's screenshot soccer stats

Explanation of column titles soccer stats
  • HT: number of corners till the half-time
  • FT: number of corners at full-time
  • 37HT: number of corners between 37th min and half-time
  • 80FT: number of corners between 80th min and full-time
  • R3,R5,R7,R9: which team won the race to 3/5/7/9 corners
  • Goal: end result (half-time result)

Stat's screenshot soccer stats soccer stats

Introduction soccer corner statistics

Our team has set up a unique soccer database which is indispensable for the corner related picks. We do not advertise it as an infallible betting system, it is simply a great pile of soccer statistical data by which anybody can work out his own betting strategy for corner related picks. soccer stats

How to use the database soccer corner statistics

  1. The home team can be selected in the left side text box, the visiting team in the right side one. The respective text boxes can be selected by mouse click or the TAB button. (Please note that the team names follow precisely the Bet365 specific names!) To find a certain team you can either start typing the team name or use the vertical scroll bar.

  2. Once the team names are selected, click on the [Red Ball] button. The fixture is moved to the bottom text box and the comparative statistics appear. The bottom text box holds all the selected fixtures -even if you leave the page and reload it later- until you intentionally delete the fixture by the [Dustbin] button. You can always revert to another fixture by selecting it and clicking on the [Blue Ball] button.

  3. Statistics of the selected fixture is presented in three tables. The first one contains data of the given fixture solely. The next table contains statistics of the home team and the last table of the away team and both tables can be sorted by selecting the Date/Home/Away column checkbox.

soccer stats
Registration soccer corner statistics

To subscribe to the service please visit

About the database soccer corner statistics

The database contains statistics of more than 500,000 fixtures and gets updated every day. We strive for precision and completeness, however, humans are not perfect and the data amount is huge -the possibility of inaccuracy due to mistypes of misreports cannot be eliminated completely. Obviously, we cannot take responsibility for the fortuitous losses implied by that.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

New Membership Categories

From 01.07.2018 more membership categories.


By this feature you can get the probable half time or full time corner result.

Result Matrix

Result Matrix is a summary table. It contains corner or goal results at a selected league.

Power Ranking

Power Ranking list is a summary average result about corners or goals in the selected league

Excel Export

Parameterizable Excel CSV format export

How to become a member?

Use of cornerstat website like visitor or member

Merge Team Names

Please notify us if you find in the soccer corner statistics database a team with several names or other mistake.


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